Sabine van Diemen

Creative Director

Sabine's journey began over 20 years ago when she graced the stage as a dancer in the prestigious Holland Show Ballet. She swiftly transitioned into mesmerizing realms of magic, circus and theatre, captivating audiences worldwide.

Sabine's solo-act took her across North America, Canada, Australia, Asia, and Europe, enchanting audiences with her magical skills as part of renowned productions, including Cirque du Soleil, Lionsgate, Stage Entertainment and other esteemed companies. 


After a decade of thrilling audiences on the stage, Sabine seamlessly transitioned into the event industry, where she honed her skills as a Senior Producer. Her role involved orchestrating complex productions, bringing together diverse talents, and creating seamless experiences for a wide range of events. 


Sabine's ability to blend creativity with strategic thinking set her apart, earning her a reputation for delivering exceptional results.


Today, as a Creative Director, Sabine has emerged as a visionary force, crafting innovative and immersive entertainment solutions. Her unique approach combines a deep understanding of storytelling, a strategic mindset in line with company objectives, and an unparalleled ability to bring together the right talents to create extraordinary experiences.


Sabine's specialties lie in weaving narratives that resonate, building on company strategy to elevate brands through unforgettable entertainment. Having traversed every facet of the entertainment industry, Sabine brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to every project she undertakes.


In Sabine's world, creativity knows no bounds, and she continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in entertainment. Whether it's a grand event, a theatrical production, or a corporate spectacle, Sabine's touch ensures an experience that transcends expectations and leaves a mark on the audience's imagination. 



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