Impossible world tour; next stop, Singapore


12 Apr Impossible world tour; next stop, Singapore

On the 17th of March, I took a 13-hour flight to Changi Airport, Singapore, to join the rest of the ‘Impossible’ company for two weeks of shows.

What a blast that was. After the first weekend of 4 shows in the ‘Kalang Theater’, we had 4 days off to explore the city.

While the majority of the cast and crew went to Universal Studios, I went to Chinatown with ‘Grand Illusionist’ Josephine Lee. We bought some nice trinkets, wondered around the beautiful temples and ate some nice streetfood. In the evening we went to the ‘Satay Street’ together with mindreader Chris Cox. Can I just say, amazing food! After the foodmarket we headed back to the hotel for a drink at the pool bar and then off to bed!

Hello Kitty nails!
Hello Kitty nails!

I love living in hotels. I have developed my little morning ritual. Getting an egg white omelet with vegetables, some juice, and then a cappuccino ‘to-go’ and drink it sitting at the pool. THE LIFE.
After the coffee, a little workout in the gym and then pool time.
In the evening we went to the night safari, they basically wheel you out in a little train into the tropical rain forest. We encountered tigers, hippos and elephants. Really cool. I caught the fearless ‘Aaron Crow’ hiding behind my back when a bat flew towards his face. I guess that’s how his volunteers feel when he comes up to them with a sword and a pineapple.

Today Chris and I had lunch with Sng Ming Da, a magician from Singapore. He took us out into Little India where we had a curry.
He showed us around town and brought us back to the hotel, thanks again Ming Da!
In the late afternoon, the shows promoter treated us to a nice boat trip to Lazarus Island. So we went during sundown and had a BBQ. When we sailed back towards the harbor of Singapore we got caught in a tropical storm. We were all sitting on deck wrapped up in blankets looking at the lightning above the ocean, a very magical moment!

Lazarus Island
Lazarus Island

Lots of tanning and swimming. One of our technicians brought an underwater camera and as vain as we all are, I believe we spent the whole day posing. In the evening, ‘Gardens by the Bay’ with ‘Josephine’, ‘Chris’ and ‘Magical Bones’ at ‘Marina Bay Sands’.
The trees with all the lights and the walkway were beautiful. We went to the food market there and indulged ourselves again with ‘Satay’. The national Malay dish.

Food Market
Food Market


So after all those days of holiday celebrations, we finally got back to doing what we came for. The Show!

The Singaporeans are a really nice audience and very much into magic. During my sawing in half illusion I scared a lot of male volunteers, just how I like it.
After every show we had a picture moment with all the VIP’s and that gave us the opportunity to have some nice conversations.

Together with all the other Illusionists from the show I had a great time performing and doing my magic in Singapore. It’s a great country with lovely people and really nice food. We’ll definitely be back!




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