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06 Jul Deadlines Deadlines Deadlines

Why is it that I always like to complete a task at the very last minute? Just before the deadline and preferably in the middle of the night?

Seriously, am I the only one?

It seems like; as the deadline is getting closer all of a sudden your creativity gets a boost  I am a very organized person; I like to make a plan. The only thing is I just never stick to that plan.

For example, right now I really need to study my lines for a new script for my Houdini straitjacket escape for a gig in London. I need to finish a dance choreography for the same act and I also should rehearse it a couple of times more. I know in the back of my mind that I will get it done in time, but I also know in the end there will be some sort of stress involved.

With magic there’s also always this thing in your head that you’re not sure if you’ve rehearsed it enough. Even if you’ve rehearsed it for months! It’s the risk factor, the technical factor and than also the factor how nice and good your punters are going to be.

This is how I always end up in my dressing room in full costume and make up running my act over and over again before I hit the stage. It’s a thing I have to do for myself, always thinking in the back of my head I should have done this at home.

As you read in my previous blog all my acts contain music and I have the funniest little speaker that I use for practicing in venues. It’s called the Ibuddy, this is not a sponsorship thing (although if Ibuddy people read this, I would be well up for it! Ha!), I just really want to share this with you. It’s a tiny and cheap speaker but provides really good quality of sound, you can use it with your phone or laptop! It’s very small so easy to pack! Anyway, it makes last-minute practicing a lot easier.


I guess that’s also what creativity is.  You cannot sit at a table and come up with a great act. It happens when you’re in the shower or doing groceries, and then it evolves.  I think you need to trust the process and know yourself. In the back of my mind I already know this act will be finished in time, and I kind of want that extra stress and adrenaline, it makes me a better performer.


I wish for everyone a happy and stressful creative process.



  • Murside Turan Jean
    Posted at 15:29h, 11 July Reply

    “I guess that’s also what creativity is…happens when you’re in the shower or doing groceries, and then it evolves. I think you need to trust the process and know yourself. ”

    Exactly!!! Love these insights which really resonate with me as an artist. The magic of creativity arrives in those split seconds where time and space go away. You give that to your audience, and you receive it as well when you completely let go and have fun…and then you see the wonder in their eyes. They’re children again and their true selves…Magic! For me, the magic comes in the moments when my brush or pencil or my fingers on the keyboard take flight and do something completely unexpected…the happy accidents! Letting go and trusting yourself to that mysterious energy, as you mentioned, is the key! Love this blog and have a fantastic show!!! X

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